July 3, 2011

Tamarind in New York

Five years ago my aunt and I took a girls trip to New York City for the first time. On that trip we spent a week wandering the city streets, shopping, and, of course, eating. One of the most memorable meals back then was at Tabla near Madison Square Park. This restaurant served elegant Indian food in fashionable environment.

Earlier this month my aunt and I headed back to New York City for another girls trip. Our itinerary this time around included visiting a friend, shopping, and, naturally, eating. Unfortunately, Tabla is now closed, so my aunt suggested we go to Tamarind. She had dined there in the past and said that if I liked Tabla I would also enjoy Tamarind.

So, at the end of our SoHo shopping spree we hopped in a cab and headed uptown to the Flatiron neighborhood. Soon we were sitting at our table at Tamarind studying the menu. And I mean studying! There were so many wonderful sounding dishes. We selected an appetizer, two entrees, and some wine to share.

Before I begin talking about the food I want to about the service. From the time we arrived at the restaurant until we walked out the door the service was impeccable. They take the service part of fine dining very seriously and it was a delight.

But, back to food... After our wine arrive we did not have to wait long for our appetizer. We got raj-kachori which looked like a small round pillow of thin, crispy dough. Inside there were chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind sauce, and spices. It was spicy, but not overpowering and delicious. For entrees we ordered the tandoori grilled lobster and shrimp caldin (served with a spicy coconut sauce). We shared both dishes and enjoy (and finished) everything. With the entrees we got a whole wheat paratha bread that also great.

Of course after such a wonderful meal, we had to try dessert. Everything on the menu sounded wonderful, but we settled on gulab jamun. (We also ordered some dessert wine too.) The gulab jamun was delicious - warm pastries in a honey sauce. (And the wine was good too.) It was a perfect end to an elegant meal!

I did not enjoy dinner at Tamarind as much as I had enjoyed dinner at Tabla - I enjoyed Tamarind more!

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