July 6, 2011

Visiting Chelsea Market Again...

I have always loved markets - and especially gourmet markets. In San Francisco there is the Ferry Building Market Place, in Seattle there is Pike’s Place Market, in Washington DC there is Eastern Market, and Chelsea Market is in New York City.

Whenever I am in New York, I try to make it to Chelsea Market to browse, have lunch, and have a hot chocolate at Jacques Torres. So after spending a weekend in the city visiting friends, my aunt and I dragged our rollerboards down to Chelsea to have lunch and buy snacks for our bus ride back to Washington, DC.

For lunch we decided to eat at The Green Table. This is a sustainable farm-to-table restaurant and wine bar tucked into the hubhub or Chelsea Market. After stashing our suitcases next to the wall we were seated at a table and given menus. One potential positive or negative aspect to The Green Table is the atmosphere is very relaxed. (In other words, this is not the place to come for a quick bite. But, that makes it a lovely reprieve from the bustle of the rest of the market.)

Grilled cheese sandwich and soup
at the Green Table

Both my aunt and I decided to get a grilled cheese sandwich and soup. The soup that day was crawfish bisque, which was more of a broth but was very good. And the sandwich was perfect - delicious crusty bread, sharp cheddar cheese, and chutney all toasted together. It was a great, relaxing lunch!

After lunch we went to Lucy’s Whey to get some cheese and sandwiches to eat on the bus ride home. This little cheese shop has a wonderful selection of cheeses and ready made sandwiches. Before leaving the market - and New York City - we went to Jacques Torres. I ordered a hot chocolate while my aunt shopped for gifts to bring back to DC. The hot chocolate here - and at other Jacques Torres shops around the city - is the richest hot chocolate I have had outside of Europe. It is fantastic - like drinking molten chocolate. A perfect way to end a trip to New York!


Zita said...

Great post, Jessica! I have been to NYC before but that time I wasn't a food blogger. I'd love to go back to walk around markets, discover cute, little bakeries, etc. Oh, well, I need to save some money for the trip! I'm desperate to go! :)

Jessica said...

NYC has wonderful restaurants, markets, cafes, etc... Whenever you go I can take the bus up from DC for a few days & give you a tour! :-)