August 28, 2011


Momofuku is the name of the group of restaurants owned by Chef David Chang. And according to his website it means lucky peach in Japanese.

I had heard and read quite a bit about Momofuku restaurants and was excited to try one of them while we were in New York City. After reviewing the online sample menus, my husband Jonathan and I decided to try Momofuku Ssäm Bar.

When we arrived, the restaurant was already bustling, but were a few empty seats at the bar. The food at Momofuku Ssäm Bar is difficult to describe - it is not Korean, it is not Japanese, it is not American. The menu changes daily is filled with unique and creative dishes.

We began our meal with a breaded and fried soft shell crab served with green tomato relish (which was wonderful). To accompany our food each began with a glass of rosé. Next we got pork buns (for Jonathan) and pickled mussels to share. That’s right, pickled mussels. At first I was not sure how I felt about eating seafood that has been pickled, but the bartender said it was very refreshing and it was so unique I had to try it. The mussels were served in a mason jar with rustic grilled bread. The mussels were - to my surprise - delicious. The dish was served cold and had a light, briny broth with dikon, grilled pepper, and greens. Eating and sharing this dish was fun. You could spoon the pickled seafood and vegetables onto the grilled bread or eat them separately and dip the bread into the broth.

Lastly, we shared a fish ball soup with coconut milk broth, clams, and green vegetables. This was very different - but equally delicious - compared to the mussels. The dish was served warm and the broth was slightly sweet. The vegetables and seafood were perfectly cooked.

I found the food at Momofuku Ssäm Bar fun, delightful, and (most importantly) very tasty! And unlike many restaurants that have received a great deal of praise, the prices were reasonable. Yes, this is New York, so eating here is rarely cheap, however, they are on par with other neighborhood restaurants.


Rambling Tart said...

So glad you got to experience this interesting place, Jessica. :-) I've heard such great things about it. :-)

Jessica said...

It was really good - and less expensive than most hyped NYC restaurants.