September 4, 2011

Brunch in Manhattan

After several days fun days relaxing and exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn the day we were scheduled to return home arrived. It was a rainy Sunday morning and we decided to have brunch in the city before driving back Washington, DC. After checking Yelp, we decided to go to La Grainne Cafe on 8th Avenue in Chelsea.

La Grainne Cafe is a cute French bistro with a few tables along the sidewalk. Since it was raining when we arrived we opted for the crowded but cozy dining room. The tables are packed tight together - reminding me of cafes in Paris. We squeezed into a table by the wall and reviewed the menu. The atmosphere was truly bustling - again reminding me of Parisian cafes...

I ordered a crepe and hot chocolate and Jonathan ordered a crepe with coffee. My hot chocolate came is a small cafe bowl. And I was delighted to find that is was unsweetened! I prefer dark chocolate and often find hot cocoa at restaurants and cafes too sweet for my taste. The crepes were wonderful - buckwheat crepes with egg and cheese (and ham for Jonathan). Everything was delicious! A perfect Sunday morning meal...

Having brunch in Manhattan reminded me of my continued search for a favorite brunch place in Washington, DC. Yes, I have discovered some good restaurants to go to for brunch in the district, but no favorites yet. If La Grainne Cafe was the nation’s capital instead of Manhattan it would be my favorite!

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