September 25, 2011

A Little Piece of Paris in the Center of DC

Other than chocolate and sweets, one of my favorite foods to eat while in Paris is a camembert or brie baguette sandwich. In typical French fashion, the bakeries and boulongeries make even the simple cheese sandwich more decadent. They add butter.

While I normally prefer independent, local businesses when I used to travel to Paris for work I would often stop at one of the Paul Bakeries for a pastry or sandwich. This European chain has bakeries scattered around Paris and other European cities. I found it be a reliable place to go for good bread, a flaky croissant, or a delicious sweet pastry. And, yes, they serve wonderful camembert sandwiches.

So, I was excited when I heard that one of the first Paul Bakeries in the USA would be in DC, only a few blocks from my office. I was curious to see if this new American store would have the same selection and quality was grew accustomed to in Europe.

After walking by the "Coming Soon" signs for a couple months the bakery finally opened! The first thing I bought from the new Paul Bakery was a raisin pastry. I was thrilled to find it was flaky and delicious - just like in Paris! Next I tried a croissant and hot chocolate, and again both were very good!

Finally, I stopped at Paul Bakery one afternoon for a sandwich. I selected a camembert baguette and took it back to my desk at work. The camembert sandwich was made with an excellent sesame seed baguette and contain camembert cheese (of course), lettuce, and butter! As I sat there munching on my sandwich as I worked I began to smile - it tasted like I was back in Paris!

In addition to baguette sandwiches, Paul Bakery also makes lovely pastries (including macaroons) and serves French style hot chocolate. Yes, visiting the bakery is like taking a mini trip to Paris! Bon voyage!


Margo said...

there are so many wonderful places in DC... thanks for sharing these! What kind of macaroon is that? Pistachio? *camenbert and butter sandwich: swoon*

Jessica said...

Yup! That's a pistachio macaroon! :-)