October 12, 2011

Across the Cafe Table - The British Museum

This month The Travel Belles Across the Cafe Table question asks:


While I enjoy visiting museums while traveling, I prefer to be out on the street experiencing the destination. As a result, I have not been to all the must see museums in the cities I have visited. For me, the street is often my museum. Every moment is a snapshot in time - a woman with a bright umbrella, an old man reading in the park, a child playing with a dog. These are the images I take home with me, either in my heart or stored on a camera memory card.

However, when I do venture into curated halls I enjoy seeing exhibits of the past. One of my favorite museums to visit is the British Museum in London. Not only are there artifacts from across the globe and throughout history, the building itself is magnificent. I love the beautiful inside courtyard and reading room - I think the design of the space is a piece of art unto itself.

Of course, the British Museum also houses many treasures from all corners of the former British Empire. The most well known artifact is most likely the Rosetta Stone. This piece of stone is a decree from Ptolemaic Period in Egypt and in modern times helped historians decipher ancient hieroglyphs. It has been on display at this museum for over 200 years.

There are many other objects from the ancient world, as things from a more modern world. Walking through the galleries is liking turning the pages in a book of history of the British Empire.

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If you visit the British Museum, you will be happy to learn that (like many museums in London) admission is free. Donations to the museum are accepted, but not required.


Katy said...

So funny that out of all the museums in the world, we both chose the British Museum for this feature! It must be good :) You've described it wonderfully, it conveys exactly why I love it so much!

Rambling Tart said...

Katy just introduced me to the British Museum this week and I LOVE it!! :-) Can't wait to return so I can linger longer. :-)

Jessica said...

Katy and Krista - I wish I could have joined you when you visited the museum this week! Maybe we can all go together some time!

Brit Abroad said...

Shamefully, I've never been. I definitely want to after reading your post and Katy's!

Jessica said...

Kate - You should go! And maybe sometime we can plan a belles trip there...