November 27, 2011

Playing Tourist in San Francisco

Two years ago I moved from San Francisco to Washington, DC. Recently I returned to the city by the bay to visit a friend and some of my favorite places in the bay area.

Since I no longer live in San Francisco my visit gave my friend and I a license play tourist for a few days. At my friend's suggestion we participated in a Victorian homes walking tour led by local guide Jay Gifford. We met Jay Saturday morning at his prescribed meeting spot and headed off to explore history and Victorian architectural design in the Pacific Heights and Cow Hollow neighborhoods.

The tour was interesting and we saw some fabulous architecture. In addition, the weather was beautiful - a perfect day to be out enjoying the city!

After walking around for an hour and a half, our tour ended at the intersection of Union and Steiner Streets in Cow Hollow. We crossed the street to Rose's Cafe for lunch. This cafe is located in a yellow house at the corner and has tables wrapping around the sidewalk. Due to the fantastic weather there was a long wait for these outside tables, so we opted to sit inside. Soon we were sharing a salad and a pizza with cherry tomatoes, artichokes, and feta. The salad was good - fresh greens and a very light gorgonzola dressing. The pizza had a thin, crispy crust and was also very good.

Soon, we were back outside walking along Union Street. Before leaving the neighborhood we stopped in two of my favorite shops here - an accessories and home store called ATYS and clothing shop called Uko. Both have great designs and are uniquely San Francisco.

Walking around enjoying the city of San Francisco and the sunshine was the perfect start to my trip.

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Rambling Tart said...

Oh how fun to play tourist in such a wonderful city! I love walking through those gorgeous neighborhoods and seeing all the amazing houses. :-)