November 20, 2011

Traveling via Chocolate

I think between the writings here on my blog and the articles I have written for The Travel Belles, my obsession for chocolate and travel has been well documented. And yes, while I do enjoy traveling to find chocolate, it is not my only motivation to explore. For me traveling is about seeing something new and having experiences that are unique to the destination. If that involves chocolate, it’s even better!

When I am unable to travel to get fabulous chocolate, I sometimes stop by Cocova (formally Biagio Fine Chocolates) here in Washington, DC. This shop sells a variety of artisan chocolate bars from all over the world. This is good, but it is not the same as discovering something new at a shop in some foreign city. For that, I have to wait until my next vacation - or relay on family and friends.

Recently, my friend (and author of the Good Global Citizen blog) Beth, has been traveling extensively for work - flying Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Australia, and more. I have followed her journeys and discoveries via her blog - and I have also been the lucky recipient of some interesting and delicious chocolate she found along the way.

The first time she sent me a package I opened it up to discover three items - a small bar of milk chocolate from Kazakhstan, some milk chocolate flavored with green tea, and a chocolate bar from Lauenstein Confiserie in Germany.

So what does chocolate from Kazakhstan taste like? It is just average chocolate. However I still think the fact that I got to try it - on the opposite side of the planet - is cool. The tea flavored chocolate was unique. The texture was a bit gritty, but the green tea flavor was delicate and grassy (in a good way). It was different than any chocolate I had tried previously and I enjoyed it very much. The last bar I tried was the German chocolate... This bar was fantastic - 67% cacao with pink peppercorns.

A little while after I finished enjoying the contents of the first package, a second arrived. This time it had a Kimberley Chocolates bar from Australia and cookies dipped in chocolate from Hawaii in it! The cookies were the perfect Hawaii treat and brought back memories of sandy beaches and warm breezes. The chocolate bar was dark chocolate with chili and was good. It was a tiny bit on the sweet side, however the spice balanced that out perfectly.

Of course, I hope to be able to travel to Almaty, Kazhakstan, Beijing, China, Koln, Germany, and back to Hawaii sometime, but experiencing them via chocolate is fun too! Thanks Beth!


Margo said...

Did I tell you that when I was in Georgia on the foodie trip to St. Simons Island we had a chocolate tasting? I thought of you!

Katy said...

And here I was trying to resist chocolate this morning! Gifts of chocolate from around the world - brilliant!

Jessica said...

@ Margo - That sounds fun! :-)

@ Katy - Dark chocolate is actually good for you... :-)