January 22, 2012

Dinner at BlackSalt - Not to be Forgotten

Sometimes life causes things to be brushed aside and forgotten, almost. In early fall my husband took me to dinner at BlackSalt. We had a fabulous evening and then the weeks that followed became hectic and I never got around to writing about the meal, until now.

Rain was pouring down when we arrived at the restaurant. We hurried inside and were led through the wine cellar to our table in the back dining. After walking through the wine cellar (nice sales tactic), we had to begin our meal by ordering a bottle of Burgundy, a recommendation from the sommelier.

We ordered the octopus appetizer to share, but did not read the menu well enough to notice that it contained sausage. So, unfortunately I was not able to eat it, but Jonathan enjoyed it very much. (But, I did enjoy my wine while waiting for the next course to arrive.)

For the main course I ordered the bouillabaisse and Jonathan got the Atlantic tuna with caramelized pork belly in a soy ginger broth. My soup was wonderful - the broth was fragrant and delicious and the seafood was fresh and perfectly cooked. Again, I was not able to try Jonathan’s food because of the presence of pork, but he said it was fantastic.

Lastly, we ended our meal with the butterscotch pot de crème. It was good, however I wish it had less elements. The vanilla whiskey milkshake layer was too sweet and contained too much alcohol for my preferences - I wish the dessert had focused just on the butterscotch and milk chocolate layers. That said, we did eat a good portion of it...

I would like to close this post by noting that the service at BlackSalt was exceptional - very attentive without being overbearing. The service in combination with the excellent seafood and good wine made this meal one I will not forget soon!

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Margo said...

butterscotch pot de crème does sound fabulous - but I'm the same way with desserts containing alcohol. Sounds like a great place... the sausage - didn't know you didn't eat it - are you a pescatarian?
And bouillabaisse is one of my favorites things ever.