February 10, 2012

The Right Hotel for Me...

I know I have been remiss about blogging for the last few weeks... I hope to be able to catch up some and share some of my recent adventures with you. In the meantime, this month's Across the Cafe Table question on The Travel Belles asks:


Of course there are the basic that must be balanced at any destination - location and price. This often requires some compromise for most travelers since these factors are often juxtaposed. Beyond that there are many ways to differentiate hotels - amenities offered and the property's management philosophy. Personally, I always look for small locally owned hotels. It is important to know that I am contributing to the success of a local business, not some far flung corporation. In addition, I prefer hotels that practice sustainable business practices. At home I do the best I can to minimize my impact on the planet and when I travel I like to stay in places that do the same.

So, what is important to you when you select a hotel? Read more responses from the other Travel Belles here.

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Bethany Miller said...

Jessie- great suggestions! I also usually try to find someplace in the city center or close to the attractions I'll be visiting. I like to walk as much as possible or take a run in the city I'm visiting. It gives me a great feel for the culture and the layout of the town. So a hotel around the places I want to see makes me feel right at home.