April 8, 2012

Noodles for People with Patience

In my last post I started talking about H Street and the Atlas neighborhood here in DC. This is an up and coming neighborhood that has started to become gentrified in the past few years. Now I want to share my experience at Toki Underground, one of the more popular restaurants on H Street.

Toki Underground serves ramen. So before I go any further let me say one thing, I recently wrote about People's Noodle Bar in Columbia Heights. The urge to compare these two restaurants is tempting, however I am not going to do so. Yes, they both serve ramen, but the similarities stop there.

In the past month I have eaten at Toki Underground twice and each time we had to wait approximately two hours to get a table. (Thankfully there are several fun cafes and bars nearby.) Frustrating. While both times I had fun waiting, it is one part of the experience of eating at this restaurant that I would happily change.

That said, once we actually sit down at Toki Underground the service was fantastic. Both times we were seated at the counter by the front window. (Yes, I like window seats!) On our first trip to Toki Underground we shared vegetable and pork pan seared dumplings (just veggie for me) with our friends. They were very good, however when my ramen arrived I forgot about everything else. I got the masumi vegetarian ramen which had a rich broth and was filled with wonderful mushrooms. And the noodles were absolutely perfect. It was the homey, yet sophisticated, comfort food in a bowl. To finish the meal I had almond cookies and milk. Like the ramen, these were a delicious and modern take on a classic snack.

The second time we returned to Toki Underground we were seated at the same spot by the window. This time Jonathan and I shared seafood pan fried dumplings and then I ordered masumi vegetarian ramen and Japanese beer. Again everything was wonderful! The raman broth was amazing, the noodles were perfect, and the atmosphere was vibrant and fun.

Yes the wait for a table at Toki Underground can be long; but once you are seated the service is excellent. Our drinks and food arrived promptly after we ordered during both visits to the restaurant. And the food was amazing. So, if you are patient, this is ramen worth waiting for...

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