September 9, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole for a Cup of Tea

I made a fantastic discovery in the form of a cute little tea shop on the Upper East Side with my aunt on my recent trip to New York City. Located at the corner of West 73rd and Columbus Streets, Alice’s Tea Cup a perfect place to start the day.

This shop is garden level. So, you have to walk down a few steps to enter - just like entering a rabbit hole. Inside, it has a counter where you can buy tea (brewed and leaves for use at home) and pastries up front and a small dining room in the back. Everything about the place is charming. There are quotes from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and images from scenes in the story painted on the walls. A sign in the bathroom reminds employees to wash their hands or “Off with their head”!

When we arrived we were seated in the dining room and given the breakfast menu and tea list to peruse. My aunt ordered a pot of tea with milk. I asked for a pot of vanilla tea with milk and a buttermilk scone. (I considered getting the pot of tea and two scone, but decided to save a few calories for later in the day. This turned out to be an excellent choice.)

Morning Tea at Alice's Tea Cup

Our teapots arrived promptly and the magical tea brewing filled the air. Soon after my scone appeared. Served with clotted cream and raspberry jam, it was one of the biggest scones I’ve ever seen! My tea was excellent - naturally sweet and fragrant - and my scone was flaky and delicious!

Alice’s Tea Cup is definitely one of the cutest tea shops I have ever visited. It was fun and had lovely teas - a perfect place to begin the day. I will definitely return next time I'm in NYC - perhaps for afternoon tea. In the meantime, I wish there was a shop like this in my neighborhood in DC...


Bethany Miller said...

Sounds adorable! Great narration, I could picture the whole thing. I like their website too- it's animated! I love a good scone, so I probably would have ordered one "to go" (wink, wink) and then eaten it out of the package immediately after.

Rambling Tart said...

What a beautiful discovery! :-) I love a nice place to have tea and this sounds delightful and delicious. :-)

Jessica said...

@ Bethany - I should have ordered one to go!