September 30, 2012

Looking Forward to Spain...

It’s been almost two years since my husband Jonathan and I made our first trip to Europe together. On that adventure, we visited London (my favorite city in the world) and Paris. We navigated these cities on the Tube and the Metro, saw the sights, and enjoyed good food and wine. We discovered an amazing Pakistani restaurant in the Whitechapel neighborhood of London, went to Stonehenge, and wandered the city streets of Paris in search of a perfect chocolate shop.

Next month we are headed back across the Atlantic again - this time our destination on the Iberian Peninsula. During our trip we will be hitting the road in northern Spain. After arriving in and spending a few days Madrid, our itinerary has us heading north to spend some time in Rioja and Basque Country before turning east to Zaragoza and Barcelona.

I’m looking forward to visiting the cities, seeing the famous architecture, and shopping for Spanish shoes. I’m looking forward to the road trip, visiting Rioja wine country, and taking a cooking class in Basque country. And, perhaps most of all, I’m looking forward to eating lots of chocolate con churros and many delicious Spanish delicacies.

This trip will be different than our previous international journeys. On those trips, either Jonathan or I had previously been to the destinations we were visiting and played the role of tour guide. However, on this trip, we will both be seeing and discovering things for the first time together.

Throughout our trip - and probably for a while thereafter, I will be writing about about adventures and sharing photos of our trip here. Thanks for reading!

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